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was corresponding with president bill clinton. jan crawford is here with the story. good morning. >> good morning, norah, good morning, j.b. they have released these incredible documents and it shows a surprisingly warm relationship between presidents nixon and clinton. the correspondence includes a handwritten letter congratulating him on a tough primary and election. that letter was the beginning of an unlikely union between the former republican and the democrat. they say politics make strange bedfellows. that was the case in 1992 when he sent a hand-written note to president clinton. the strongest steel must pass through the hottest fire. in enduring that ordeal you have demonstrate thad you have the character to lead. >> it's a very fascinating letter because he's opening up the door to a new incoming president that i'm on your side that i'm impressed by you, that you have the moxie, you have the steel to be president, and i'm here. and that started the beginning of a great friendship between clinton and nixon. >> reporter: presidential historical douglas brinkley s
bill clinton in epcot center. >> bill clinton was going for a walk in amsterdam maybe looking for a coffee shop. >> uh-oh. the president of party time. the president is feeling fine. >> coffee shop, maybe red light district. >> or he's there on stately business probably doing charity work. >> he'll probably do work on charity and hope and gretel, face time. >> why was he in amsterdam? >> you know, standard amsterdam stuff. meeting heads of state, taking in the culture and then see what happens. >> i tried to look it up and everything was in dutch. >> he better get his story straight or he's going to be in dutch with the miss. >> he's getting down a little bit, coffee shop. >> he's not getting down. >> of course not, but in case you need to lay low for a while bill, we know a great place for you to hide right little girl. >> chubby checker is suing over a penis measuring app. he's suing hewlett packard and palm. >> these guys made an app. >> you can tell somebody's penis size by their shoe size. >> there is some sort of equation in there that can tell you how big a guy's penis
with libyan government officials in the attack. white house official wrote, "secretary clinton called libyan president el-megarif on behalf of the president on the evening of september 11, 2012, to coordinate support to protect americans in libya and access to libyan territory." that angered graham. >> the president of the united states did not make any phone calls to any government official. and libya, the entire period of the attack. he called government officials on september 12, after everybody was dead. >> we would not have gotten answers but for pushing for this. frankly, the more answers we have gotten i think we have shown here that this was a national security failure. >> late today, president obama said chuck hagel is imminently qualified to be secretary of defense. the president says he deserves a vote and predicted eventually he will get confirmed. >> bret: mikes, thanks. we just got word from the pentagon that panetta is heading to california tonight, to monterrey. the ride is also getting bumpy for the president's choice as top spy master. the complication and confusion continu
bill clinton told a source his wife is planning on running for the white house in the next election. would she make a good president. the fox news poll says yes. what politician would make a good president hillary clinton took the top spot with a 55 percent top positive rating. she is the only politician that got a positive response. another former secretary of state condoleezza rice with 43 percent. new jersey's governor and former republican vice president nominee. paul ryan with third for 37 percent and rounding out the top 5 current vice president joe biden with a 35 percent positive rating. chris christie is above paul ryan. overseeing the nation's money is facing tough questions about how he has over seen his own money. chief of staff jack lieu is beginning the process become treasury secretary. they have details of what went down on the hill. the finance committee top republican had a possible conflict of interest. >> he would be saying do as i say not as i did. >> 945,000 dollar bonus he received. >> explain why it would be morally acceptable to take post domain dollars out
the statement president bill clinton made in an attempt to get re-election back in '96. he wasn't apologetic. he was positive about the role of government last night. and it got a backlash from the other side today. >> well, it doesn't surprise me it got a backlash. but i think it was one of the best state of the unions president obama has given. he said this is what we have to do. he started right in. i remember sitting thinking wow he just started right in on the economy. what needs to be done. we didn't even have copies of the speech. just simply a point-by-point agenda. part of the beauty of not having the speech was nobody read it ahead of time. you had the powerful moment at the end when the entire congress was standing whether they agreed with what he was saying about victims of gun violence, there was this moment where people said yeah we should have a vote. he didn't say you have to vote with me. he said these people deserve a vote. i think it was a bread and butter speech about very clear economic agenda for the country. i didn't see it as a caustic speech. they were simply words that
on bengahzi. he was directing the secretary of state at the time hillary clinton to appeal for help for the libyan government that obama himself called the next day to ask for help with the investigation and the rest of it. graham is up for re-election in 2014, and he has been successful pressing the bengahzi story for as much as possible. again that's what his interest and concern is. he wants to go back to home state voters and say i stuck it to the president on this. i consider it to be as bad as watergate, and so he has no incentive whatsoever to stop doing that until the very last minute. that hasn't approached yet. >> michael: now, it's worth pointing out not only is graham up for re-election but it looks like he's going to get a primary as well. to see as right of the president as he possibly can seems like a good path for him to take. let's go to the president. what does this bode for the president's second term if he has this much trouble getting his nominees past of the democratic senate. >> it's funny you ask this. this all is playing out the same week that the president
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, there will be a nomination for secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and leon panetta is having his last day in service. hillary rodham clinton traveled more than 1 million miles and visited more than 412 countries. >>> they will fire back on president barack obama's state of union address. as kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, the nra is really against the president's proposal, kyla? >> reporter: the nra does not want ban on high capacity assault weapons and they say president barack obama is trying to play on people's emotions. they will directly respond and in the wake of the newtown connecticut shooting they are calling for increased security nationwide not a ban on specific magazines. congressional sides are willing to take a vote on the proposal but this does not mean they will stop fighting. >> the president is trying to use emotions on things that have not been freshly debated. >> reporter: they will take a closer look when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> time now 5:16. police in palo alto are worried about students taking weapons to school.
when nobody is looking and clinton is hanging out with the interns when nobody is looking. i think that is stupid. i watched the rubio speech and i thought it was the greatest reply to a state of the union speech i ever saw and the substance was unbelievable. he laid out the conservative principled case and applied it to what's going on today in our society, but he also laid out what obama was doing in no uncertain terms and what the future looks like with either path. this rubio is a superstar. he was excellent. i know he didn't have the clapping seals jumping up and down every time and 20 minutes 6 a pre-show, pre-state of the union discussion, hype from the media and the presidential trappings and all which makes it more remarkable what rubio did. rubio gave a terrific speech and so did rand paul. >> sean: i agree with both of those. i think it was the best response to the state of the union i've seen and agree with that point and rand paul, also. you said it caused a controversy the muslim brotherhood having infiltrated our government i believe it was in reference to the f-16's
years ago when clinton came to office it kind of spiked. it's really spiked since 2009. this is taking a whole new direction. this is actually the third cabinet nominee that's been subjected to some kind of a filibuster, but the other two, one under reagan and one under bush, were totally symbolic. it was jesse helm that the cloture vote was 85-4. dirk kempthorn and bill nelson running -- >> i love when people name dirk kempthorn. >> this is -- i think the real dangerous precedent that's being set here, though, is let's say that this is partly lindsey graham posturing for 2014 in south carolina so he will eventually drop his objection and john mccain will go along. >> the mccain piece is interesting to me, though. a lot of people are saying watch where mccain goes. he has gone back and forth on this. an elder statesman of the senate who has respect for preer and the upper chamber. >> but he has such a strong personal relationship with lindsay graham, and lindsay graham is so personally invested in his 2014 re-election and being seen as the guy who is fighting the obama administration o
. and from hillary clinton, what difference at this point does this valentine make? from defense secretary nominee chuck hagel, i'll say anything to confirm your love. and an awkward valentine's day for steve cohen, he exchanged a couple of public tweets who is a friend of a model. his response, nice to know you were watching, happy valentine's beautiful girl, that message was deleted a short time later. they insist the two just friends. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. >>> if are you among the many that wonder why we spend so much money exploring outer space? according to one report that's how much a 150 wide chunk of ice and rock that's about to buzz past the earth could be worth. here to talk more about this and give us the details, additioning pitz at the chief franklin institute in philadelphia. let's talk about this asteroid. how close is it to work, and what does it mean? >> it's awe close pass, thomas.
hillary rodham clinton is being honored at the pentagon at this hour. general martin dempsey just presented clinton with the highest award he can present to a civilian. the honor has a long name. it's called the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff joint distinguished civilian service award. >> you've moved diplomacy into the 21st century. you've recognized that there are limits to hard power, and that we need both hard power and soft power. all the while, remembering that it's the investment of your personal time that builds relationships. >> general dempsey added that hillary clinton has been a steadfast supporters of the military. more so, he said, than any other secretary of state in his career. >>> we're learning new information about pope benedict, the 16th health. the vatican said he hit his head and bled during his trip to mexico last march. the vatican said that accident had no relevant role with his plans to step down at the end of this month. this morning the pope told cardinals he'll be hidden to the world once he steps down february 28th. >> and storm team four meteo
right now. just a moment ago, there you see former secretary of state hillary clinton at an awards ceremony at the pentagon with secretary of defense leon panetta. general dempsey there with her holding the award. the first time we have seen hillary clinton since she first left office. first time since her accident. and as you probably noticed in these pictures that we, again, just got in a moment ago, she's not wearing her corrective prism glasses. it appears as though she's able to return wearing her contact lenses. again, hillary clinton receiving an award there at the pentagon just moments ago. we'll continue to watch that and we'll have more right after the break. tely so this is a big deal, our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys. ah sometimes the caps lock gets
clinton's favorite restaurant right? >> wow, good taste. >> is that right? >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> let's talk about the weather service. sparkling outside today. >> it's getting cold out here in upper 40s now but a beautiful view. skies clear and if you look towards northwest we have fog rolling in. it's going to be a big player in the morning commute for valentine's day. it's hard to miss it a long the coastline, never left the coast. and from san francisco, we'll be seeing more fog than that. here is the current visibility in half moon bay. it's five miles and foggy. so tomorrow morning you're going need time and temperatures 48 degrees in half moon bay. 48 in pacifica by the way. 65 in antioch. got up to mid-60s in concord and livermore and san jose today. soit was a nice day. sunny, mild thursday through saturday. cooling beginning sunld. showers likely into tuesday and wednesday. looks like you're going to need um brem brelas. high pressure holding and going to bring us a dry pattern through monday. changes will be on tuesday and into wednesday, tomorrow morning into some
to talk to clinton romesha about the act of bravery that just earned him a medal of honor. >>> be john say getting personal about her love and marriage and what she considers to be her biggest battle of her life. >>> we will begin with this overnight story, murder of the girlfriend of oscar pistorius. joining us is the managing director of the agency that represents reeva steenkemp. our condolences. >> thank you. >> what can you tell me about what you learned about what happened here and what may be the circumstances? >> we've been in communication with people on the scene since a quarter to 8:00 this morning. it's been a very long morning. there are no official statements. a lot of speculation going on at the moment. we are unable to provide any information accurate at this moment. our thoughts and prayers are with that family and everyone is waiting to see what's going to be happening as everyone is in court as we speak. >> i can imagine the shock across south africa and across the world because so many people have come to know and love oscar pistorius. obviously he is innocent until pro
is they have tried every since they refused to bring in kioto back in the clinton administration for ratification. keep in mind, he and gore didn't bring it up because they didn't have the votes. lou: right. >> since then, there's been efforts to pass cap-and-trade regulations between $300 billion and $400 billion a year, the largest tax increase in the history of the country, and would not accomplish anything by the administration of the epa director when i asked her on tv. even if we did that -- lou: i apologize, but i have to interject. we're running out of time. i should sharpen by question a bit and ask you this seeking a simple answer as possible given the time constrainted. is it your judgment that congress, that congress has any response that would affect a president moving to executive order or fiat if he cannot win the support of congress? >> well, he will not have and does not have the votes to pass legislation for cap-and-trade. he's going to try food it through the epa, through regulations, and that's something he's been trying to do for a long period of time. we dis
to reagan and they had bill clinton host this 30-minute infomercial. and they literally packed in every democratic politician in the country for like a 20-second speech. and they had a focus group. they didn't realize at the time that talking about the focus group was political suicide. they kept saying our focus group told us this. they've tried all different formats. i've never seen one that actually pulls it off. >> i almost feel like while there are still i guess two or three more for barack obama, depending. the president doesn't always give the state of the union when he is on his way out the door. >> right. >> but if we've got more ahead for barack obama, this might be a time for them to opt out gracefully if they are going to. but then while we've still got it, there is also the political question of the republican party having chosen marco rubio as their guy. of course he is on the cover of "time" magazine as the savior. and he has been talked up that way in the republican party since even before he was sworn in, once he got elected. does he deserve it substantively? is there a
clinton drone on and on at the "state of the union." he said in conclusion and people clapped. we have seen the president chew nicorette gum at prayer breakfast. but no media pondering about that or the end of their careers. is this a big distraction because rubio a rising star? >> dana: this is a great way not to learn any policy that you have to talk about. just talk about rubio. you take a risk when you say you will do the response. the only reason any of the responses will you're a democrat or republican is if they are memorable is because something went wrong or something was weird. if he hadn't taken the drink of water they would haven't talked about him for 20 seconds. but instead they piled on. the piling on, you kind of expect it. i love how rubio's office handled it. with humor and god reminds you how you're human at odd times. but when the white house piled on, i thought that was not -- i don't think it represented president obama well. they could have taken the high road and said everyone gets thirsty and let it go. instead they look like total jerks. >> andrea: this is sta
's capture. >>> a major honor for former secretary of state hillary clinton. she received the department of defense medal for distinguished public service. she was praised for enhancing the cooperation between the state department. clinton left her post earlier this month. >>> president obama is in georgia today, rallying support for his plan to to expand the preschool program. he got a little face time with children enjoying their preschool. >> reporter: children at this atlanta area preschool visited their special classroom visitor with hugs. president obama stopped by to play a little "i spy" and make the case that early education centers like this one do more than get children ready for kindergarten. >> they're also more likely to grow up reading and doing math at grade level, graduating from high school, holding a job. >> reporter: the president wants to make preschool available to every child in america. he is pushing a plan that would give states incentives to expand their own pre-k programs with an emphasis on helping low- income families. >>
, emmy winner's for $1,000, please. what is "will & grace"? uh, "american experience-- clinton" for $200, please. young bill won so many honors, the hiool principal barred him from running for student body pres in this arkansas town. what is hope? no. john or patrick? what is hot springs? patrick, back to you. uh, "clinton experience" for $400, please. after setbacks, clinton's campaign roared to life in the 1992 new hampshire primary, giving the candidate this nickname. what is the comeback kid? new hamps$600, please. take a look. i end tonight where it all began for me. i still believe in a place called-- what is hope? now is the time for hope. um, clinton, $800, please. here's clinton in 1993, signing the bill named for this man to his left, instituting background checks for anyone buying a firearm. who is brady? s brady. and now the last clue... clinton added clauses to protect american workers, greasing congressional ratification of this international agreement. what is n.a.f.t.a.? another $1,000 for you and you're now in the lead by $1,000 over john. and elissa is going firsin doub
returned to d.c. to become deputy secretary for managing resources. he helped secretary of state clinton transform the state department and honing his skills in the international arena. skills that i'm confident will prove useful as he works to address the economic challenges he will be facing as treasury secretary. jack spent the last few years serving the administration as director of omb and as white house chief of staff. he brought nonsecurity spending to its lowest level since dwight eisenhower sat in the oval office. on the fiscal cliff, he kept taxes low on the middle-class. at the same time, decrease the nation's deficit by more than $700 billion. there are many subjects the treasury secretary must cover. not any treasury nominee can have expertise immediately in all of them. the jack has an uncanny ability to dive into a subject, learn, study, and master it in a factual and non-ideological way. i look forward to working with jack and the rest of the economic team as we continue to focus on protecting the middle- class and combating our nation's long-term economic challenges. mr.
address. it was watched for 33.5 million that, is the lowest number since bill clinton's last address in 2000 seen by two million fewer. >>> the president will join google for the latest a series of fireside hangouts. it's a 21st century take on franklin roosevelt's famous radio fireside chats to talk about the state of the union address. >>> and in north carolina wednesday, president obama talked about life after the white house. >> after this whole presidency thing, well, we're looking for a little spot to, yeah -- come on down. play a little golf. do a little hiking, fishing, barbecue. >> and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. now for a look at the national weather, here's bill karins. >> he'll never have to campaign again. he's already thinking about life after the white house. >> that has to be a relief, right? win or lose, horrible. good morning, everyone. valentine's day is herement we have a little snow to cover the ground in a few spots of portions of pennsylvania, new jersey and then right through southern new england. this wasn't a lot. most of the cities were
on president clinton. >>> and we'll meet a popular radio personality, delilah, famous for her passion for love songs. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ng. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >> good morning. it's thursday, february 14. you know what that means? >> i do. it's valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. >> who are you? >> who am i? i'm frank mallicoat. i just let that go. you're michelle griego. >> you did. you did. [ laughter ] >> all right. let's check in with our meteorologist lawrence. he is out live at the flower mart in san francisco. beautiful flowers there, lawrence. >> yeah, guys. boy, you know, all these flowers have somebody's name on it on this very special valentine's day. it's going to be a fantastic day ahead. we have big changes in the weather. could see temperatures in the 70s. we'll have more coming up. liz? >> thank you, lawrence. must smell pre
as clinton, but to go north and west, that's the only place it really stuck. even there, temperatures are still 34 in leesburg and 32 in hagerstown. that said, those areas will get colder tonight so some slick spots are possible well north and west. 5:00, 30 and 38. but at 7:00, 28 and 6:00 just kind of cool, 323 to 40. we are tracking arctic air for the weekend and a chance for more snow. >> thank you, top. >>> we've got breaking news. police are investigating a suspicious death. >> a man was found inside his home in the 2700 block holly street. ken molestina is on the scene what. do you know so far? >> reporter: derek and lesli, police are being tight lipped about the investigation on this deadly find. we do know the victim is a 90- year-old man. let me move out of the way and show you, this is holly street. police have the entire section blocked off. you can see down there, that's the csi truck. they've been out here for hours directly in front of the house. police have been out here since about 7:00. now, according to police, a family member what came it to the house called them f
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 97 (some duplicates have been removed)